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1975 to Present: 

Unit 2: Contextual Studies

Why are photographic images so compelling? The fact that so many of us take pictures, more often than not daily basis, has not depleted the magic of photography whether they be personal snapshots or artworks displayed in a gallery. Pictures make us feel something, whether that's something posted on social media that makes us laugh out loud or an image from the history of photography; we are captivated. 

'1975 to Present' chronicles a small history of extraordinary pictures made through photographic means. There are many important art photographs in both public and private collections across the world, and yet few were made with exhibition in mind. This piece is structured around the key developments, subjects and themes of modern photography, post two world wars and amid a develop world of developing conceptualisation.


Includes the overview, timeline, all relevant research and any exhibition planning

Includes online gallery tour with voiceover and downloadable tour guide