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Change 4 Life: Healthy Living

Unit 10: Lighting for Photography

'Healthy Living' is a 12 poster campaign initiative commissioned through Change 4 Life by the UK government to visually communicate the notion of aspirational healthy lifestyles that feel relevant to 2021.

The initiative stems from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic being seen to attack those who are overweight or unfit. 

Aspirational healthy lifestyles will vary for each person, hence the campaign sought for photographers across the country to pitch proposals for the topics with their own collection of images that offered unconventional views and interesting lighting in location and studio style work. The topics are: healthy food, fitness/exercise, fresh air/being outdoors and public safety. 

My own pitch includes research into the progression of lighting states in photography as well as some key figures and inspiration to my collection, analysis into the development of imagery and the effectiveness as to its ability to visually communicate a viewpoint. The final section of my proposal shows the final outcomes of my experimentation and a breakdown of each poster.



Includes all relevant research and planning

Includes all test shoot images, analysis of key imagery and discussion of photographic techniques and practices

Includes the collection of imagery intended for the campaign posters, as well as feedback and an evaluative report