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Unit 11: Photographic Practices

Having been asked to produce a series of ten images to feature alongside renowned contemporary artists, all of which work with the constructed image, I elected to pay homage to their successes by producing works that challenge the boundaries of photography yet, remain true to the constructed image style and communicate a message. Digesting themes such as public intimacy, nudity and voyeurism, I will guide you through my exploration on how I came to produce portrait style images that are reflective of Nan Goldin and Bill Brandt’s work, presented in a way that is fitting to the current times and influenced by my own experiences as a female photographer.

Based solely upon photographic practices completed in-camera, the series will be hard hitting and ambitious, focused upon divulging the modern day ‘culture war’ and gender politics.


Includes the concept, all relevant research and planning

Includes all test shoot images, analysis of key imagery and discussion of photographic elements

Includes ten final photographic pieces alongside evaluation of the process and resulting images